Our Story

Holistic medicine changed our lives.

Our journey started with our daughter, who was about 18 months old at the time.  She had an ear infection and was crying in pain.  Our family doctor prescribed antibiotics – once again.

We were frustrated, and we knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when we first started researching alternative medicines.  In doing so, we discovered Pulsatilla, a common homeopathic medicine used to treat ear infections, among other ailments.

We tried it, and it worked amazingly well.  Our daughter’s symptoms quickly disappeared.

This experience ignited a fire within us to learn more.  So we did the countless hours of research to understand, learn and experience how homeopathic medicine is safe, affordable and effective.

Then we started using holistic medicine to address common cold, flu and allergy symptoms.  The results exceeded our expectations so much that it truly changed our thinking on treating common health concerns.

Instead of automatically seeking over-the-counter drugs, we realized that we could address the individual symptoms in a simple, proactive manner using natural medicines that really work.

They are now a key part of our holistic health strategy, which empowers us to take control of our family’s wellness.

We find it very rewarding to easily and quickly address the root causes of health concerns in a safe, natural way.  These new skills have truly helped us live better.

These positive experiences eventually became our inspiration to start Holistic Blue – so we could help others solve their family’s health concerns using natural, safe and effective products.

Clarisa and J.B.