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Tips for Using Products

Product Selection

People react differently to health treatments based on various factors such as their physical, mental and emotional states, as well as genetics.  Sometimes the treatment that works best for one person will be different than what works well for another person.

Homeopathic medicine is no different.  Each individual needs to find what works best for him or her.  This requires self-awareness and learning.  Regarding illness, our bodies often give clues as to what is coming.

Timing is also important.  Based on years of experience, we find homeopathic medicine to be most effective if we address the symptoms early.  This means being aware of the first detectable changes in our bodies, then taking immediate action.

Once we feel like we might have a specific symptom, we identify the medicine that most clearly seems to address it.  It’s during these moments when we like to reference a book titled Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick & Easy Guide for the Whole Family.  We find it to be helpful and easy to use.

On the rare occasion we don’t find the answer we need, we refer to another great resource titled Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments.

Once we identify the right product, we choose the specific potency.  The potency is shown on the label, directly to the right of the name.  It starts with a number immediately followed by a letter such as “C” or “X”.

These letters, for example, represent the measuring scale used to establish the potency.  The letter “C” stands for the centesimal scale and “X” stands for the decimal scale.

There are many choices, but lower potency medicines such as 6c and 30c are usually appropriate for the more common, relatively minor discomforts.

Generally, lower potency medicines need to be repeated more often, while those with a higher potency require less repetition.

Practical Use

After identifying the right medicine and purchasing it, the next step is using it, which brings us to…

Dispensing – For beginners, the process for opening and dispensing pellets from a Boiron single medicine tube can be somewhat confusing.  So here are some simple steps that will help you master the process.

First, find the seal located where the cap meets the tube.  Then remove the seal from the tube by pulling one end around the tube.

Next, hold the end of the tube with one hand while firmly gripping the cap in the other.  Then, while holding the tube upside down, turn the cap counter-clockwise until it individually drops 5 pellets.

Consuming – Pour pellets from the cap into the mouth and suck until they are dissolved (for maximum effectiveness, take with food and try to avoid coffee, drugs, aromatic substances such as menthol, eucalyptus and strong cleaners).

Adjusting (as needed) – If an improvement is not experienced after taking 3 doses over 12 hours, we usually select a different medicine.  This occasionally happens when we accidentally select a medicine that was not the best match for the specific symptom.

However, for example, if we feel like we have the right medicine for a cough, and conditions worsen, we should consult with a healthcare professional.  In this case, a different potency or treatment may be necessary.

Over the course of an illness such as the flu, symptoms often change.  The sore throat may disappear only to be followed by congestion.  The body reacts to the first medicine, but it then needs another one.

Sometimes we take more than one single medicine at the same time, depending on the number of discomforts.

The key point here is that we are flexible with our approach.  As our bodies reacts, we need to change, which leads me to the next helpful tip…

Stopping – When symptoms are no longer present, we stop using the particular medicine that treated those symptoms.  If they come back later, we start using the medicine again.  This means my body is reacting well, but it needs more stimulus.

Home Storage Strategy

After acquiring several single medicine tubes, you might want to think about organization.  To reduce retrieval time, you can store the medicines in alphabetical order within a storage unit.

Physical Storage – There are a few storage strategies to consider, depending on your preference and experience level.

The Boiron Homeo Family Kit is a good option for people who are already comfortable with the idea of using Homeopathy and want to get started quickly.  This kit includes 32 of the most commonly used medicines, each individually stored within a 3-drawer bin, which has a 48-tube capacity.

If you simply want the storage unit without the stocked medicines, the Boiron Storage Case is another option.  We find that it’s large enough to store the medicines we use most often, which brings me to…

Inventory Strategy – We like to have at least 2 tubes of the frequently used medicines, which we refer to as the “fast movers”.  This provides a “back-up supply” so the medicine is readily available when we need it most.

A third option is to simply try a few products before planning any long-term storage solutions.  You can buy a few that are commonly used for a specific health concern such as the common cold.

Here is a short list of single medicine “fast-movers”, including one reason we started using each:

  • Allium Cepa – runny nose
  • Arnica Montana – bumps and bruises
  • Arsenicum Album – sleeplessness
  • Belladona – fever
  • Bryonia – headache
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum – at the first sign of illness when symptoms aren’t clear
  • Mercurius Solubilis – sore throat
  • Nux Vomica – stomach ache
  • Pulsatilla – ear infection
  • Spongia Tosta – dry cough

Single medicines use a Latin naming convention.  Each product name represents the scientific name of the base substance used to create it.  This makes it possible to have common international names.

Also, since the expiration dates are typically at least 4 years out for the “fast movers”, we rarely need to throw away old medicines.  This enables us to have a good supply without worrying about wasting it.

On-the-go” Strategy

After experiencing the sudden onset of cold symptoms, or an injury, while on vacation, we learned to have a natural medicine travel plan.  This makes it convenient to address the symptoms early and reduces stress.

For example, we often pack 6 – 12 medicines, depending on our needs.  Since the tubes are small, space is not an issue for us.

The Boiron Homeo Travel Kit is another option.  It holds up to 20 tubes, which we think is more than enough for extended time away from home.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.